Hello, my name is Dan Walsh.

Software specialist based in London, Canada.

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Over 7 years of professional full-stack software development experience, spanning numerous tech stacks.


Founded and currently leading Onsane, a software start-up focused on building innovative solutions.

OSS Advocate

Passionate supporter of open-source software. I'm an active contributor of many OSS projects.

About me

I'm a full-stack software developer based out of London, Canada. With 6+ years of experience, I am currently serving as Technical Lead, Integration at GLS Canada and am the founder & CEO of Onsane, Inc. I'm a passionate open-source advocate and continuous learner who thrives on solving complex problems, fostering collaboration, and contributing to the growth of the tech community. Outside of work, I enjoy exploring the great outdoors, gaming, reading, and staying up-to-date with the latest technologies.